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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Notes from Kriyavati

Lead by the example of being...

This seem to come up in several conversations. People describing other people in social gossip and not making this connection. Drug users such as with alcohol learn behavior from the drug use itself. Discipline of taking it, but also emotional personalities while under the influence. These continue after the drug is gone, for instance the sociability, humor and alcohol, the emotional dramas and manipulative lower vital with meth, and such.

It makes it interesting to look at diet and the gunas.

When you are not being heard, do not share, be receptive to the higher. Interesting to watch the energy and vibration. More than once a question would come up about a level four flow that I knew well. The person asked didn't know. I would demonstrate. The person who asked would get it wrong and it didn't feel right after I showed them, but rather than listen to my alignment or movement correction they again asked the person who didn't know. It seemed to be a habit of roles within the group, clique!@. I want to look in the mirror at that one. It may have been the voice of delivery that the person didn't recognize. It clearly felt as if they were not receptive, but they could see me doing it.

I have a balance between the time spent on practicing teaching and the time in practice. Less time on how to teach more effectively there are not the people receptive to it. (The answer to my question to Kaliji.)

Kaliji was very aware of when people were responding to her energy, as the other person had this wave of extra joy, and needed to express it to her by talking about themselves and what they had/were been doing. She would affirm them "that's wonderful" and the effect of the energy.

Congruency-express joy...

Kaliji made a point of saying it was all in the mind and that was what stopped us in some postures. I noticed that all the level four/five postures that she introduced I could do. In particular I wanted to fly through the air as lightly as the angelic Gabriel did from Mountain to Crow. At the workshop I managed it, with effort. On getting home I couldn't stay balanced for a few days do to apprehension. However this was very much in the flow, because I could identify the difference in the flow of the energy and the emotions, the mind. Isolating that vibration, I could remove it and land well and balanced. The amount of effort was the result, less energy wasted on emotional noise. Now I can look for that same vibration in some of the other challenging flows. (It's in the mind. Where?)


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