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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Meditation Teacher 5

Learn from the Conductor

This is about learning to orchestrate, the mind, in order to perceive the inner nada.


This is a typical Kaliji saying that seems simple to the point that it goes in one ear and out the other. To orchestrate the mind to me means to brings things into the flow. The mind, at least the one that I use is filled with voices, images, memories and sense data, not to mention thought and emotions. Getting my self to a point of silence has not been without deliberate practice. Creating a space for practice and as with any musician, working on a variety of skills requires dedication and setting priorities, but not as a grim task or forced servitude. There has to be a joy and passion for the art. Then there is putting the skills into action in order to focus the aspiration, the silence and peacefulness so that one can hear the ever sound from which emerges all.

A conductor not only has many skills, and has to manage many dimensions, the people, the equipment, the resources, the conductor has to have a love and a feel for the music.


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