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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meditation Teacher 2

The second of the 29 teachers is "Learn from the Child."

This means to follow wisdom. You can recognize the wisdom voices because they are quiet and peaceful.

What I notice from people is three things.

One there is a maturity that hardens ideas and thoughts. That means that we are so habituated to or thinking processes that we don't realize that knowledge doesn't just accumulate. The faculties of knowledge continue to grow.

Two that training the heart is as important as the mind.

Three that people quote "believe in yourself" instead of "believe in the Self." There is a lack of understanding of self knowledge and the availability of the all knowing.

Being like a child means that we still have growth, and that as we grow we are still open to the guidance of the Mother. The Devi provides all we need as we are not seperate from her or the universal flow.

There is a hierarchy of voices as we move in the ranges of the mental and beyond. There are also deeper levels of the heart's sensitivity.


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