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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pranavidya Notes

Please grant me a fearless control of desire with a strong vitality, openess to universal love, inspired creativity, intuitive knowledge, and perfect liberation.

PV manual chakra associations (It's on the test).

This simple affirmation contains within a wealth of means to practice.

Awareness of fear is the first goal. Many fears are simply a result of the mechanical action of our mind. We see a situation and the possible threat. For instance someone tailgating you in traffic. A large number of these fears are so habitual that we simply react to them without them being noticed or felt as fear. Some are useful, some are groundless. The imagination is filled with fear possibilites. There are ones that arise effecting our behavior in limiting ways. They need to dealt with and removed. For instance social fears. A certain type of dress or hairstyle may lead us to be defensive. Baggy panted teenagers traveling in groups may cause unoticed fear. Here an easy remedy is to actually percieve what is going on rather than to have perception colored by the fear so that we are reacting to our internal image rather than the external reality. Or for instance if you have a lot of credit card debt, someone who displays obvious wealth may make us fearful because of our own undealt with issues. Or we may be fearful of encounters with the mail or the bank. These fears have to be felt to be dealt with by feeling them so they are in our awareness and then thinking clearly with acceptance as to what needs to be done. If they are groundless (as most fears are) then rejected. If they are based in some actual situation then we need to be clear as to what steps to take.

One of my favorite adaptations to social fear is to walk into the social gathering and look for the person is standing alone and isolated (I am that person) and talk to them.

Control of desire is necessary for any progress in the yoga. Desire is a constant force. Media studies ways to manipulate via desires. The society creates mechanisms for the fufillment and regulation of desire. Everyone at some time or another will have to look at diet. Regulation of your food desires and establishing a good direction for what you eat takes time, study and change of habits. Anyone who had done the flows and pranayama regularly will notice the changes in the consciousness, how some desires and habits fall away. Self inquirey is a tool. We become clear. We can feel the impulses and desires and chose to act on them or reject them. Just like becoming smooth and graceful in the flows, eliminating the wobble missalignments, we reduce the background noise. Our life habits are the same as we eliminate desires we are reducing the noise so that we can have a mind filled with calmness and concentration.

A strong vitality is neccessary to accomplish anything. We need the energy. Things that sap of of energy include negative emotions, tension, poor diet...Having a positive attitude, clear direction, satisfaction of accomplishment all lead to abundant energy. Increasing the flow of prana through the flows, and pranayama lead to incredible energy and stamina. Kaliji travels the world for months with little sleep, always working, and is always postive and in the moment and ready to help others giving freely of the energy with love and devotion. (most people would complain)

Universal love, following the physical practices will open the nadis and awaken the heart. Looking for and seeking the divine in all things and situations, in all people and events. This means rejecting negative tendancies. For instance there are three levels of argument. The first is to seek truth, when one speaks or logically thinks about something to find truth. In the second level one is seeking to use logic and argument to agrandise oneself or an extension of the ego such as your country. In the third level one is seeking to destroy and tear down someone or something. If you constantly seek the truth and reject the other motivations the mind becomes clearer and one can more easily open the heart to feeling, for the spirit is behind everything. In truth everyone is seeking to be happy even if they are using ignorant means to achieve it.

Inspired Creativity...Swamiji has written thousands of bhajans. When you need ideas your mind unfolds the joyfull possibilities and things come together and organize as an expression of love.

Intuitive knowledge comes from the breathing. One can have sudden insight into the yoga, and even for see the coming events. One has to be aware of the quality, the sattvic nature of the contents flowing into the mind and reject the rajas and tamasic elements.

Liberation...the divine is not limited to the momentum, the samskaras of nature. The divine can move freely according to the divine will and the universal need of the spirit.


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