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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Meditation Teacher 9

Learn from the Gas Station

We measure out our energy and restore it in different ways. Rest, vacations, taking a break. Meditation restores our energy and begins to awaken us to a universal source of energy. We first notice this by understanding how much the emotional part of the being supports the physical and mental energies. When we are depressed we have no energy and conversely when we are excited there can be a restless over abundance. As we tune into the flow we slowly realize the universal source of the energy. When you are practicing the flows and the breath is harmonized there is abundant energy even in areas where the strength is challenged. As we learn to keep the heart open and flowing then there is support, devotional, peaceful, wondering, enthusiastic, emotions for each unfolding moment. When the mind is calm and quiet we receive inspiration. In life situations we can go to touch the flow and move from that space, giving us abundant energy.

One way to control the emotions is the mood modification of music. A strong beat will give you energy. Music is an art, but it is not also without deep knowledge. Swamiji's music is balanced in the elements just like you can tune into the balanced tattwas of a natural place and appreciate the beauty. By listening to Swamiji's music you can open up the nadis, tune into the flow and then begin to have songs pop in your head with the right space of the heart for that situation. You move to a different rhythm you voice picks up an elevated song. One of our meditation methods is to become absorbed in music. Kaliji always has Swamiji playing the background at the Ashram, it's amazing.

Three things that weaken our energy are, taste, judgement, and wrong doing. Many people for instance are blocked by there sense of taste from actually seeing clearly or bringing to bear their awareness to something. For instance if you only eat what you like and not seek foods that are beneficial. If your constantly judging others then you are not really seeing them, or seeing the flow behind it. For instance supporters from another spiritual tradition gave space for Triyoga and someone was worried about the other tradition. They judged it and didn't see the fruit, they simply caused drama and negative emotions that had to be resolved by others. This is very common in all traditions of people trying to "protect" or keep thing pure. It revealed the tamas guna at play in the working of nature. Wars are fought. Spirit needs no protection and does not need to be purified, it purifies you, and moves you in the flow.

The last one is wrong doing. If you know something like gasoline is bad for the environment then it slowly drains you if you have to use it. Every time you go to the pump you are aware of it. However you may have to accept it for the time being. You may not have the resources or the life situation to change the way you live or the kind of car you drive. The heart can aspire to the higher truth and better way of being. As the heart feels this you enter into a flow where the greater truth and power of the divine can begin to move things through people and events towards realization. If you deny it, or stuff the feeling at the pump you hampering the flow of the energy. To always be in the right place at the right time with exactly what is needed for that moment doesn't change the universe, you are that universe in that moment.



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