Triyoga-Internal Martial Arts

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


4 types of soul experience loosely speaking, equated with the social dharmas, the laws and codes of conduct, the Knowers, Warriors, Merchants, and Servants. Each implies a kind of drama of situations and circumstances, qualities of chararacter, and even though they are all present in each person, one tends to be more obvious.

Insight developes and expresses through seeing these forms and roles just as people incarnate in them. This is a kind of power of knowledge, and one can spot when other people or other systems of expression have this power, by seeing the subtle real idea behind it. The knowledge will appear behind the words. Broad and particular vision as to the activity of development, the spiritual lesson of an individual or groups life is expressed. Self revealed..

One gains a feel of the shaktis involved and can recognize the flavor of their presense and action.

The knowledge can spontaneously arise, or one can work for a perfection of that knowldge. The expression may be limited due to the needs of the lesson. Self Illusion!


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