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Friday, May 02, 2008

Inner Experiences

Where the energy is working determines what types of experiences come.

Having been through various cycles of occult and spiritual experiences the first thought is that when the experiences end that there is some loss in the level of consciousness. I would typically find myself looking back at a time when I was more silent or somehow higher. However with more distance the glaring imperfections are more obvious and the growth that came from those experiences more intricate.

The idea of a higher state is not so much the case, the idea of a fall from a state, though those happen also, not so much the truth as a lack of the ability to be conscious as to where the yoga is occurring. Abilities such as sudden insight and foreknowledge of events is not really lost, it is just the energy is not working there. It may be given to see the dead for awhile, but then the energy has to work out other areas where desire may be unrefined, the experiences will then unfold that are needed for that working. Hence the need not to evaluate the progress, but rather to aspire to be more receptive to the divine will.


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