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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Many arguments point to intent on the part of leaders. However there are not many voices on the subject of transformation.

It seems obvious to anyone looking at the history of the global system, let's start with the European expansion into the new world and the colonial period, that as they entered into the eighteenth century enlightenment, things had to work themselves out.

This represented the forces of the mental powers. Reason as a basis for authority taking hold of various forms of government. Legal systems, moral culture, the whole of our social institutions, and the rise of science, all came forward.

T'were it a matter for reason then Napoleon and the Great World Wars would not have been necessary. National Socialism, Communism and other ideological movements, including feminism and labor, ideas entailed in little red books, would have been so much talk, and the Meiji Restoration would have had no consequence to the military classes.

In short the growth period of the West and East and all the violence that went with it would not have occurred. Even India in the age of Gandhi had to slaughter with Pakistan. Unfortunately the old ways resist and that struggle plays itself out. To think that the Baath movements would sweep over the Arab world and maybe the Persian one with a miraculous transformation is to have a wonderful vision, but in reality it seems that the Middle East will not make take this step towards a higher realization in all their social and political institutions any better than the Europeans.

Understanding the spiritual forces behind this kind of transformation has long ago been mapped out. The Ramayana represents such a change in the civilization as Ram destroyed the old world of Asura, with Hanuman burning down whole cities with a flick of his tail. The Gita provides a key to the Mahabharata. Environmental forces and the spiritual aspect to the transformation of the biosphere, including the advancement in genetics is where the knowledge is starting to dawn, and the real yoga is taking place.

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