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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ineffectual Sentiment

Ineffectual idealism is something that is common. It is the mistake of thinking that ideas are knowledge rather than tools. Knowledge is not an end point. Knowledge is always progressive, it is always part of action. It is truth force. Although it might appear that knowledge as formulated in mathematics or physics seems to have no action, it is really always part of a wider web of being in the world. Look at all in the science community with technology and effects on our culture that Einstein has wrought.

The same is true of ineffectual emotional sentiment. This is a position of speech where the person is always adding the sentimental ideas of including everyone, proceeding from an emotional appeal. An appeal is different from a flow of feeling, either sensing or projecting force. It starts from that position of an emotional appeal rather than sensing and responding to what is really going on. It wants to be helpful which is to say that it wants to indulge the emotions of feeling helpful, to feel favorite known feelings. Known as comfortable.

It also is a strategy to avoid other feelings, including confrontation, conflict, anger, etc. This is ineffective. Compassion is a higher or deeper feeling that comes with knowledge and identity and leads to real action. A genuine compassion is receptive, sensing where people are suffering, and responds with the faculties to relieve or transform that suffering. When there is no available means or time, and processes must work out, then it proceeds from that basis. There is a sense of the endeavor of removing that suffering as being a common one, but that is an idea that arises from the feeling and the action of the force. That idea is descriptive of the experience of being compassionate. It proceeds from the real sense, not from the wish to feel a certain way or a wish that things be a certain way, if we could just all come together.

A ineffectual emotional sentimental journey begins with such statements as, “We all…” It tries to gather a group identity and proceeds with recognition of commonly shared truths or values and takes comfort in them. That is the gist of ideas when someone speaks. The person saying these things is often setting their own emotional tone, speaking to themselves rather than being focused on the actual topic, or the people present, or even beginning with discriminating the quality of the ideas which their mind is coming up with. There is superficial quality where the topic is not being identified with as a body of experience, or as the subtle body making conscious contact with the object or occasion being focused on.

Energy and time are squandered in this realm which is largely ideas about the world being influenced from the sense mind. The world as pleasant.


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