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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Serious Compression

Once you have a basic awareness of energy you can feel any emotional event, outwardly, or inwardly such as a memory, causes a change in the energy. When one focuses on the outward perception of the energy field one can feel how the energy expands or contracts based on the outward or inward contacts.

Walk down a mall and the people you pass will cause different changes and configurations in your energy field. You will feel yourself taking on emotional shapes. The lower emotional forces will cause you to condense, and the higher ones have an expansiveness that keeps some receptivity. The quality and refinement varies. If for instance you are working with some dangerous tool, you may find that the stress produces a very careful and deliberate attitude. If someone appears threatening you may shrink to avoid them, or build up a condensed force in order to control the situation. The trick is to feel the field around the body and gain insight into the proper use of the heart. Many times we have unrefined emotional reactions. Lower forces may predominate, which will tend to constrict one but these emotional reactions can be widened. You can teach yourself to remain open to the higher forces.

Most fears are imaginary.

There is also a confrontation with one's vulnerability at being open, but this is often a passing stage as the higher knowledge that comes from the more illuminated forces will clearly show the flow. In the past there may have been instances where we were open and receptive to the wrong movements, and wrong forces. For instance we may have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Or got sucked into dramas. With the energy awareness comes a different sense of value and the right movement is more easily recognized.

It is better to give than to receive. Some people seek attention, others shy away. Still others try to project an identity or associate themselves with another. You can give people what they need if you have no need to be anything other than open and you have access to the source. Simply saying hello can transfer very positive energy.


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