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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nei Jia and Spirit

"Once you have these basic patterns, then the thing that you need to feel is the connectedness. This means that the energy is flowing through the body out to the extremities. At first energy may be something that you confuse (it's an over used term until experience grows), but instead of thinking of it as energy feel it as the body's momentum. You can feel that when you handle objects, feeling their, weight, knowing where they are space by touch. As you feel your momentum and your sensitivity grows then you can find areas in your body where there are dead spots, or dead weight, blocks of tension. You want to work to smooth those areas out.

When you have the energy connected then you will begin to differentiate the yin and yang, and all that means for now is the plyometric response. You can feel the build up and focus on how to build up the energy in order to release it more powerfully. You will also gain the ability to shock, or confuse the yin and yang of the opponent, so their intention lacks clarity, momentarily.

The breathing is essential as this will give you a much greater sensitivity and allows for relaxed activity, relaxed intensity. Over time you build up your capacity to feel the body and maintain your awareness on the body. This has has two dimensions, one is the feeling of your own momentum and the other is feeling the environment, whether that be the earth at your feet, or the opponent's force. You will differentiate the energy/power/movement from the intention.

In the end you will be able to shift where you are coming from emotionally. Negative emotional spaces will effect the movement, and you can become quite sensitive to them. As the emotions emerge you can feel them moving through the body, and you will see the imagination linked with them, things like fear, anger, etc. These then can be removed at their source and as a consequence you will less effected by others, and more calm, able to focus your intention in conflict or stressful situations. Produce great confidence and a powerful intention that communicates around you."


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